Head Energy Multicontrol offers engineering services, technology and products to the Oil & Gas Industry, both subsea and topside. We focus on increased oil recovery for our clients through cost effective execution models, highly competent staff and innovative products and solutions.

Our dedicated teams in Bergen, Stavanger and Krakow (Poland) has expertize within Electrical Control Systems, Riserless Light Well Intervention, Fatigue Measurement and Tension Systems & Load Pins for both subsea and topside operations.

Head Energy Multicontrol is part of Omni, the specialist network.

Our services

We deliver complete electronic control systems for both subsea and topside usage. The products can be used for data acquisition and control. In addition we can provide HMI systems to monitor and visualize the process under control.

Subsea Electronic Modules

When used subsea, our electronics is contained in a pressure vessel. The canisters can be provided for any depth down to 3000 m. The subsea electronics are designed and built according to ISO 13628-6. This means that on request we will put the designs through both Q1 and Q2 testing as described in the ISO 13628-6.


We allow for many different types of communication towards our subsea equipment. In cooperation with the customer we will find the best solution for each individual case.

This can be modem on dedicated copper lines, or as signals on the power cables. On medium lengths we can use DSL or different serial protocols. And where bandwidth is all important, ethernet over copper of fibre will be the best solution

Power Systems

In most cases we will also provide the topside power and communication unit for the control system. But if the communication and power has been made available we can interface the existing infrastructure. Voltage range and power ratings will vary depending on the situation.

RLWI offers cost-effective interventions on subsea fields. Subsea interfaces towards the x-mas tree and subsea control modules varies dependent on the subsea supplier and the generation of the xtree systems. Head Energy Multicontrol AS offers systems that delivers power and communication to several subsea systems, making it possible to do RLWI operations on a wide range of subsea fields. We have also developed a subsea UPS (Uninterruptable power supply) for ensuring stable power supply to our subsea canisters/equipment.

The operation personnel can monitor live data from the x-mas tree, RLWI stack and other connected systems (wireline, kill pumps) through the Head Energy Multicontrol Well Monitoring System. This is installed in several locations on the RLWI vessels, onshore and is also available through a web interface. Historical data back to the very first RLWI operations can be accessed through a web interface.

The customer receives 24 hours service all year around.

Our control and communication systems have been a major part in multiple systems for monitoring wellhead fatigue damage. Our system integrated both direct and indirect sensors on the BOP and LMRP in order to gather the required data. The data will be transported topside and stored in a database. These data can be analysed and the fatigue damage to the well head can be calculated.

Load Pins

At the core of our tension systems are our load pins. The load pin is installed to pick up the forces we want to measure. The load pins are use in cranes for monitoring the load. We can also provide systems for calculating the Safe Weight Period (SWP) and system for preventing over loading the crane

Wire Tension Monitoring

The wire tension system is a special configuration of the crane system.  It is installed on seismic ships and we monitor the forces applied to the streamer-assembly towed behind the ship. These systems can also integrate counters and other instrumentation to provide a complete picture of the  equipment being towed.

Head Energy Multicontrol is part of Omni, the specialist network . The Omni Network consists of nine skilled Norwegian engineering and manufacturing suppliers within product engineering, electronics production, mechanical production and plastic production. The nine Omni members are all technology focused experts in their respective market segments, with complementary skills.

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